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About Thinknet

We are a company providing Web solutions, Business solutions, Trainings, and Information Services to our valuable clients.

Thinknet was founded on August 2007 as a company providing Computer Training and web based Information services. We have re-structured and re-started as a company providing Web solutions, in addition to the Trainings, on 2010. With this restructuring we have introduced the enhanced Trainings section which provides Trainings on Information Technology knowledge and required additional soft skills.

In 2011 we have started another solution sector named “Thinknet Bizsolutions” to provide total solutions to start and maintain a business. Under this sector we provide business startup solutions such as Designing of Logo, Designing of Business Card, and Designing of Letter head. Also we provide solutions to create and manage your daily business documents such as Receipts, Invoices, Reports, etc. We are developing completely customized software, to manage all the essential areas of your business efficiently.

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